RIM Metal

RIM Metal with headquarters in Teslić (BiH) was founded in 2016.

This company represents the main production headquarters of the RIM Group whose primary activity is the production of steel structures, pipelines and stainless steel.

Also, the company offers the entire service of producing individual and joint metal structures, making project documentation, workshop drawings, performing locksmith work, welding and overall anti-corrosion protection of products.

The production capacity is up to 100 tons per month and production is harmonized with European standards, which ensures product quality.

The main development direction of the company is based on the production of metal products with constant improvement of the quality of products and services in order to achieve the best possible competitiveness on the market and thereby expand the number of satisfied clients.

The main aspiration of the company is that products and services meet the requirements and expectations of users and customers at the highest level.


The facility is equipped with machines and tools for the production of all types of metal constructions, for all locksmith and sheet metal work.


Where Quality Meets Steel